With home automation, your house is always ready to respond to your needs via Apps and other control technology. Take it one step further and you have a smart home, which gets all of your automation into one control system to manage your lighting, HVAC, audio visual, security and window treatments, even when you’re not at home.

Whole smart home automation

The ultimate upgrade for luxury homes, smart automation allows you to transform every space at the tap of a button or single voice command.

Envision window treatments that adjust at preset times to reduce glare and protect fine art and delicate fabrics from harmful direct sunlight. Picture hallway lights that automatically illuminate as you walk through at night. Visualize a room that creates the perfect lighting, temperature, and music instantly at the push of a button. 

Controlling your smarthome

Through state of the art control systems we can incorporate all of your home technology into a solution that you can control via a touch panel in your property or via an App on your phone or tablet. This enables you to look at your system remotely or when you’re in the property, change lighting, check security, change the temperature and stream music, just to name a few options.

As approved dealers for Savant, Lutron and Control4 we have access to some of the best software in the market.

Smart home ready

Perhaps you’re not ready to invest in a whole smart home control system just yet. Instead, we’ll help you to invest in equipment that will utilize home automation Apps such as Sonos or remotes from Lutron to manage audio distribution and motorized shades. In new builds we will prewire for future smart home automation, meaning you can add more technology and decide upon one central control system as your technology scales up.


Our extensive knowledge of the latest technology allows us to integrate all elements of automation to create an easy to control, custom technology solution to meet every client’s needs.