Hidden Av Services

Integrate your audio and video components with your interior design for the best of both form and function.

Hidden AV equipment brings the best of both style and function to your space. Eliminate wall components, reduce the clutter of remotes, and hide distracting wiring with an AV installation that integrates seamlessly into your room. Unique HD offers unparalleled attention to detail, and aesthetic design enhanced, not compromised, by your technology. Read on to learn three ways that Unique HD can conceal your displays and speakers with hidden AV services in the Houston, TX area.

Vanishing Mount

Homeowners who value their interior design or need to install a television in a compact space should consider retracted displays for a television experience that is stylish and discreet. Automated TV lifts keep your display tucked away in your furniture, ceiling, or wall while not in use. When it is time for you to use your home entertainment system, tap a button on your handheld remote, wall panel, or smart home app, and your motorized lift will silently bring it into view.

Nexus 21 offers lifts that pop up from furniture and lifts that drop down from the ceiling with flawless performance. Future Automation, another leader in hidden AV components, also offers options to conceal your display in cabinetry or the ceiling, as well as in your floor and behind a panel. Unique HD will look at your space’s needs and create a personalized solution perfect for you and your family.

Decorative Camouflage

Unique HD can also disguise your television as a mirror, allowing you to design your space without worrying about an unattractive black rectangle. Your display will be indistinguishable from a mirror when not in use and will bring an impressive 4K picture when you want to watch a movie or TV show. Leon’s designer series of Eclipse Art Lifts will elegantly slide any piece of artwork, mirror, or decorative panel on invisible tracks to reveal the TV behind it. Choose from the Eclipse Vertical for an up-down reveal, the Eclipse Horizontal for a left-right reveal, and the Dual Eclipse for a reveal that splits down the center. Enjoy whisper-quiet motors from Lutron for entertainment that integrates seamlessly with your space instead of detracting from it.

Hidden Speakers

Your display isn’t the only thing that can be hidden. Your speakers can also be concealed within your walls or ceilings for audio that is heard but not seen. Leon Vault In-Wall Speakers and Axis In-Ceiling Speakers come with paintable grilles and are wired to an amplifier that connects to a complete sound system. Paint over these grilles to conceal your speakers or even take it a step further by installing the speakers in the wall and finishing over them to disguise the grille completely. Sonance’s discreet audio solutions and Stealth Audio’s invisible speakers are other fantastic options for trimless and invisible systems. All speakers are high-end and will bring you breathtaking audio without ruining your interior design.

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