Health & Wellness

Health and wellness in the smarthome

People are searching for a strong feeling when they enter a space, whether it’s a home, a hotel or any other place where they want to feel comfortable.

They want that space to enhance their senses – from the way it looks and smells, to the way they can interact within it. So much of this comes down to great, intuitive design and the visual concept is incredibly important. 

What feeds into this behind the scenes is the hidden technology and innovation which are integral to evoking those feelings. It’s about generating a positive response to each carefully designed space.

The concept of biophilia in technology design

Biophilia is at the forefront of great design, with architects and interior designers incorporating it into today’s projects. This used to be as simple as softening lighting, burning a diffuser and adding some greenery around the space. Today technology has allowed this to move forward at a rapid pace and you can now expect to see plants which respond to pollutants and adjust airflow, lighting which gently changes intuitively in line with the natural circadian rhythm of the human body and scenes designed to create a cave ambience, for relaxation.


Engagement with nature can lower blood pressure, reduce heart rate, improve mental engagement and positively impact attitude and happiness. Applying this knowledge to a physical space enhances dedicated spaces such as meditation rooms right through to general living spaces like family rooms.

Health and wellness technology services

We offer design consultation across all elements of health and wellness including the following:

● Indoor air quality
● Water filtration
● Meditation rooms
● Window treatments
● Virtual skylights

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you bridge the gap between living with nature and your lifestyle.


Our extensive knowledge of the latest technology allows us to integrate all elements of automation to create an easy to control, custom technology solution to meet every client’s needs.